Nomadic life

I have always had this dream and wish to try out a form of nomadic life. Even in my architectural studies i often discussed modern urban design ideas which could support nomadic life style. I find that it encourages one to get a new perspective of daily life. You go about doing the same chores with different tools in different spaces. Its not the same when traveling on holidays because on holiday you have other routines and plans. By moving within the same city you experience it in a different light. You speak to new people, you go shoping in new but still familiar markets. You drive and walk through new streets and spaces. You have the same rhythm with a little change of position and perspective. Wouldn’t it be great to live like this all the time? When the time comes one packs a few necessary and dear belongings and move on?
Rhythm for me is the repetition of elements, developing a pattern which is always connected with the creation of a new theme.
I spent a week at my parents in the south of Berlin city. I had these thoughts while I was working on the baby quilt i had started from old and new fabrics. I decided on hand sewing the triangle pieces. I wonder which theme it will get in the end?




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